Our Story

Confession time. We don’t have a story.

All we’ve got are these three crazy dogs —Morgan, Megan, and Otto Each with their own wild-in-their-own-way personality. Morgan is our tough-chew consultant. He just shreds everything, from socks to rocks. Megan works in our plushie department, as she has serious love-hate issues with our squeaky demos. And Otto?....Well, he’s what we like to call a “rubber ball guru”. Which means he’s a ball-fetching junkie. All three team-up as BULLTUG'S  “Pup-xecutive team”.


It took us quite some time to figure out our pups’ personalities, preferences, likes, dislikes, sleeping positions, weird habits you’d rather not discuss in public, and of course, favorite toys. 



That’s why we created BULLTUG, a modern dog lifestyle company led by dogs and managed by people.

We came up with a variety of crazy-fun dog toys for all play styles. From drooling chewers to lounging snugglers to buffed tuggers and obsessed fetchers. Our squeaky plushies and tough rubber toys are designed to be 2-in-1, delivering extra fun and durability.  ​


Well, it sounds like Otto got a hold of a ball again. Until next time...