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Welcome to our brand journey

The unconditional love that dogs give us is unparalleled. Their playful personalities and cute quirks inspire us everyday to come up with new and better products for them. We believe that dogs have the ability to lead and inspire people.

At BULLTUG, we see ourselves as a company that's led by dogs and managed by people. Our loyal network of toy tester pups call the shots — and we take notes. Then, we design and deliver feature-packed dog toys that are unique and engaging.

We know you want to give your pup the best toys possible, and we're here for that! Join us on this emotional ride as we make their favorite toys together.

Thank you for supporting our journey.


To make playtime a happy, healthy, and rewarding experience.


We put safety first

Safe-Functional Design

We know how important safety is when it comes to designing fun toys. Our team of designers spend plenty time making sure that each toy contains features your pup will enjoy while also being safe.

our dream team

Meet our toy testers


Squeaky Plush Specialist


Tough Chew Consultant


Rubber Ball Guru

We love our dog community ♥️

We're so thankful

Our beloved doggo community is like a big family to us. We're so overwhelmed and grateful by how much love and support we get as a small business.

We've met so many incredible hoomans and their pups from all over the world. The love that these people have for their pets is truly inspiring - it's no wonder they're such a happy and supportive community.