An Octopus Dog Toy That Will Save Your Pup from Boredom!

An Octopus Dog Toy That Will Save Your Pup from Boredom!

Tugtopus, the Lifeguard, is certified and ready for duty! This octopus dog toy is sure to be your pup's favorite. It's a great interactive toy that can be used in many ways.
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Meet Tugtopus the Lifeguard

If you are looking for an interactive octopus dog toy that is both cute and fun for your energetic pup, Tugtopus is certified and ready for duty! It's here to save your pup from boredom!

We know that finding the right toy for your beloved dog can be a trial-and-error process, but sometimes it's just so fun to discover new, quality toys that you won't find at big retailers.

Tugtopus Dog Toy

Your dog usually tears up their new toy within minutes and is left with boredom and curiosity that may end in them finding things in the house to chew on. This is normal but it can also be frustrating. You may be searching for a toy that keeps them occupied, allows you to bond together, and that will last.

Tugtopus has proven to be the toy that you are searching for, and your dog will love it!

What's so special about this Octopus Dog Toy?

Tugtopus is an award-winning 2-in-1 plush toy that is an adorable octopus with a lifeguard ring wrapped around him. It's one of the cutest toys and great for dogs to interact with, play fetch with, and cuddle. It was recently awarded the Dogster Editors' Choice Award, making it a must-have toy for any dog lover.

This eye-catching, vibrant blue and red octopus toy has six crinkly and tuggable arms that dogs just love to shake and whip. Your pup will have a blast shaking, squeaking, and whipping this toy around, and you'll love watching them play. Tugtopus is sure to become your dog's favorite.

It's also a great toy for interactive and fun-filled games of tug-of-war, and if they happen to tear apart the little guy, no worries! There is a special surprise inside... It's a dog toy with another toy inside. A large built-in squeaker is there for grabs. It's a spiky, hard rubber barrel hidden inside the soft, plushy exterior. Your pup will love gnawing on this durable bonus chew toy, which is perfect for teething puppies or dogs who love to chew.

What are the Benefits of Tugtopus?
Dog holding an octopus dog toy

Tugtopus brings several benefits to playtime. It keeps the dog entertained and adds a bonding method to you and your dog’s time together.

This brand-new dog toy is actually three different toys in one, so it will last longer and keep your furry friend entertained for hours on end.

While playing with this octopus plushie, your dog’s mind will be stimulated which researchers have shown to be good for them! Rather than a typical squeaky toy, it has the ability to bring out your dog’s key senses that make them a dog to begin with.

Your dog may be able to sniff out the bonus toy that is in the Tugtopus which will kick in their hunting instincts until they find the culprit. You can easily see the satisfaction that it brings your dog once they finally find it!

Is Tugtopus the right toy for your pup?  

Tugtopus is made with high-quality materials and stronger seams, but it's not for heavy chewers. It's perfect for medium to large size dogs who love to tug, play fetch, and cuddle.

This factor is what helped the toy win the Dogster editors’ choice award. That and the fact that it was so cute and that all dogs seemed to love it! Not many brands put a fun toy inside of another fun toy for the dog’s enjoyment.

BULLTUG takes pride in doing this as it makes for a better experience for the dog and a longer lasting toy. Tugtopus got torn to shreds? You won’t have to run out and buy a new toy first thing because there will already be one included!

Aside from this, the ring itself has a puncture-resistant squeaker and reinforced double lining.

When these toys are made, they are put to the test by our very own loving fur babies. Safety and fun are both a top priority that go hand-in-hand while making toys like the Tugtopus. You can be rest assured that your dog is playing with a toy that is made by people that have their best interest at heart and that want to bring playtime to a different level.

Final Thoughts 

This friendly octopus dog toy will quickly become your pup's new favorite, and it's a great investment because it can be used in so many different ways. You may even decide to buy two so your dog always has one on hand.

Tugtopus the lifeguard will save your pup from boredom again… and again, and again!



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