3 Top-Rated Hide and Seek Dog Toys for your Pup

3 Top-Rated Hide and Seek Dog Toys for your Pup

Discover three of the best interactive and durable hide-and-seek dog toys to keep your puppies and large-size dogs entertained, happy, and mentally stimulated.

If you have searched for different types of toys for your dog, then odds are you have come across puzzle plush toys that bring playtime into a new arena. These toys are designed to challenge your dog's mind and problem-solving skills while also providing them with a soft, cuddly toy to snuggle up with.

You want to keep your dog from feeling bored and want to find new ways to entertain them. Puzzle plush toys are a good way to do this and adding in the hide and seek portion makes the fun even better!

Benefits of Using Hide and Seek Toys 

Hide and Seek Dog Toys

Dog toys can serve a greater purpose than just being a piece of material for them to destroy. Finding the right kind of toy for your dog to get the most benefit can be challenging.

 That's where interactive, hide-and-seek toys come into play. Instead of being bored, your dog will be busy finding hidden toys and treats. These puzzle toys allow your dog to use their natural hunting instincts, which is not only beneficial for their mental health, but also helps to keep their minds sharp and active as they age.

What's more, playing these games will help reduce and control their destructive behavior and the likelihood of them damaging your personal belongings.

What Sets BULLTUG Toys Apart from Other Brands?

There are other brands that make hide and seek dog toys but there are some factors that make the BULLTUG brand stand apart from the rest.

Hike and Seek

Your dog likes to chew and tear things apart but with the thicker padding and the stronger stitching of BULLTUG toys, they are more durable and will last longer than most brands.

We understand that the hide and seek aspect may not be enough to keep them entertained and that is why our toys include crinkly sounds and a giant squeaker at the bottom. That way, your dog has an all-in-one toy that they won’t want to put down!

It doesn’t stop there; the toys contain another surprise for your loving fur baby! There is a bonus dog toy hidden inside of another toy. If your dog does tear through the bird or raccoon, they’ll find a fun squeaky ball inside. They are the toys that just keep giving!

The Trash N’ Seek

If you have wanted to see your dog take out the trash, now you can! The Trash N’ Seek puzzle toy adds a fun twist to playtime. 

It is shaped like a trash bag that has raccoons hidden inside. Your dog will be challenged to find the hidden raccoons and will be distracted for hours. Trash N’ seek is an interactive burrow game that will add mental stimulation and engagement to their daily life.

Bonus Toy

You can also get involved in playtime by tossing the bouncy raccoons, hiding the toys back in the “trash bag”, or by squeezing the squeaker to get your dog’s attention.


The Hike N’ Seek

Hike N’ Seek is a dome tent-shaped plush toy with cute monster hikers hiding inside. This is the ultimate all-in-one toy bringing multiple ways of engagement, mental stimulation, and playfulness. 

The Hike N’ Seek burrow puzzle toy lets your dog use their instincts to find the hidden monsters. Not only that, but the tent has 4 built-in ropes for a fun game of tug-of-war. As usual, the bottom of the dome tent has a squeaker to intensify your dog’s curiosity. 

Pocket Treat

This fun set comes with 3 fuzzy, crinkly, and squeaky monsters to keep your dog entertained. One of the wacky monsters features a backpack with a single pocket where you can hide your dog's favorite treats! Your pup will have a blast playing with these adventurous monsters, and you'll love watching them have so much fun. 

Peek and Seek
The Peek N’ Seek

The Peek N’ Seek puzzle toy is a lot like the Trash N’ Seek, except it comes with cute birds and a green fluffy bird’s nest! 

This fun, interactive plush toy will keep your dog's attention engaged with the squeaky bottom and the three ball-shaped birds with crinkly tails.


Your dog will have an absolute blast sniffing and seeking the birds in the nest and chasing them down the hall in a game of fetch.

These hide-and-seek toys are designed with your pup's enjoyment in mind. They feature some unique elements, such as a squeaky bottom, that are sure to keep your pup's curiosity piqued.Once your pup discovers the giant built-in squeaker, they will go absolutely insane with joy, running around and playing for hours on end.

Final Thoughts

Buying your dog hide-and-seek toys will prove to be the greatest gift. They will have lots of stimuli for their brain and it will keep them actively engaged.

Giving a dog these types of toys will help occupy them to keep their curiosity in check and keep them from getting into other things around the house. These durable puzzle toys will be long-lasting and a great way to enjoy playtime together!

Hide and Seek

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