A hide-and-seek toy for dogs based on a camping theme.
The Wacky Monster’s Backpack is Great for Hiding Dog Treats
The Hike N' Seek Toy is Sturdy and Squeaky, making it Great for Tug-Of-War
The 3 Wacky Monsters Feature Strong and Fuzzy Fabric Hair, A Fun Crinkly Sound, and Puncture-Resistant Squeakers
A large dog is posing next to its hide-and-seek plush toy
Funny Brown Dog playing with The Hike N' Seek Toy
Red and fuzzy monster plush toy for dogs
Cute dog  sniffing its hide-and-seek plush toy

Hike N' Seek | Dog Puzzle Toy

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Hide and Seek Game for Happy Campers!

The new Hike N'Seek dog puzzle toy will keep your pup busy hunting down the wacky and squeaky monsters hidden inside the camping tent. One fuzzy monster has a back-pack pocket to hide treats for added fun and play-engagement.

What's fun?


Size:  Tent - 7 x 6.5 " | Monsters - 7" 
Recommended for puppies and all size dogs.

Supervised Play. No toy is indestructible. Always supervise your pet when playing with toys.


Three wacky monsters went camping.

They set up a tent and oh wow, it was cramped.
One monster snored.
The other one sneezed.
The third monster said, “Get me out of here please!”
But it was too late, and the night was too dark.
They had to stay until morning and—wait, what is that growling?