Dog Toy Bin and Blanket Set
Blanket is Super Soft and Storage Basket is Collapsible and Durable
Storage Basket Features Leather-Bone Shaped Handles
Soft Blanket measures 60 by 50 inches
Storage Bin measure 12 by 15 by 10 inches
Cute Bulldog Cuddled up in Soft Blanket
Funny Dog Wrapped in Soft Blanket and while Sitting in Dog Toy Bin
Dog Wrapped in Blanket while laying on doggy bed
Cute French Bulldog Puppy Sitting inside Storage Basket
Brown and White Dog Sitting on Bed covered by The Super Soft Doggy Blanket

Dog Toy Bin and Blanket Set

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Storage Bin and Blanket for Dogs

Fact: Pawrents’ homes can be organized, too. Trade “toys in every room” for “toys out of sight” with this chic, neutral bin that blends into décor. Store it flat when not in use or fill it to the brim—like with the velvety, luxurious blanket that comes inside. Free your favorite cozy throw from fur as your four-legged friend cuddles up in their own.



Toy Bin | 15” L x 12” W x 10” H


Blanket | 60” x 50”

bulldog posing next to his  toy bin and blanket

Perfect Gift for Dog Lovers

The Cozy Home Bundle

Storage Bin

This storage basket is perfect for a tidy house. The neutral color goes with any decor, and it's ideal for storing things like pup ropes, squeaky toys and balls.

"My Treasures" on one side
Modern grey color
Can be stored flat by unsnapping all sides

Ultra-Soft Blanket

Ideal for all seasons, this velvety-feel throw provides warmth and comfort with luxurious soothing softness. Cozy enough to keep your pup warm in the winter but light and breathable for summer months.