The Wild Weirdos Squeaky Plush Balls
The Wild Weirdos Dog Toy Comes in a 3 Pack
Redford the Fox Comes with a Bonus Toy inside
The 3 Wild Weirdos are Redford the Fox, Quixote the Coyote, and Catalina the Cat
The Wild Weirdos are Crinkly, Squeaky, and Bouncy. And they also Feature Puncture-Proof Squeakers
The Wild Weirdos Trio. Pair Them with A Hide N’ Seek Puzzle Toy for Even More Fun

The Wild Weirdos | Squeaky Plush Balls

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Meet our playful, squeaky plush ball critters - fun and mischief guaranteed for your hairy companion! They'll light up your pup's life and maybe even take over your home.

● Redford (the Fox) has never had a bad hair day-until your dog gets ahold of him!

● Quixote (the Coyote) has a royally bad attitude is your dog ready to show him who's boss?

● Catalina (the Cat) is curious as can be- -can your dog keep her entertained?