Dog Toys For Aggressive Power Chewers

Safest Dog Chews for Power Chewers

Chewing is great for your dog’s physical and mental health, but did you know that many popular dog chews aren’t actually that safe? 

Chewing is great for your dog’s physical and mental health, but did you know that many popular dog chews aren’t actually that safe? To help you choose a safe option for your pup that loves to chew.

Check out our top picks for best safe dog chews for aggressive chewers below.

 Aggressive Chewer Playing with a Rubber Ring

  • 1. Rubber Chew Toys

Firm rubber chew toys are a great, safe option for aggressive chewers because they’re hard enough to satisfy their desire to chew, yet soft enough to prevent broken teeth. Natural rubber is also gentle on the gums, non-toxic, and BPA-free, making it super safe for teething puppies too. 

For dogs that love to fetch and tug, our very own Power Duo  fetch-tug pack is a great option, and comes complete with a tough rubber chew ring (perfect for solo play or tug-of-war), a durable rubber ball for fetch-lovers (which also bounces and floats), and a lifetime replacement guarantee.  

When choosing chew toys for your dog, always select a size that’s appropriate for them, inspect it regularly after use, and replace when it’s starting to look worse for wear.

  • 2. Dental Chews 

Hard dental chews from VOHC certified brands such as Greenies and Whimzees are another great option for aggressive chewers as they’re long-lasting and come with added plaque and tartar fighting capabilities. They’re easy to digest too.

Just remember to supervise your dog when they’re enjoying a treat such as this to ensure they’re being adequately chewed before being swallowed (no gulping allowed!).

  • 3. High-quality Bully Sticks 

Finally, high-quality, extra-thick and braided bully stick varieties are another great, long-lasting option for overzealous chewers. They’re made from a single, all-natural ingredient and are easily digested by most dogs. 

Brands such as Nature Gnaws, and Natural Farm offer a huge range of locally sourced, high-quality bully stick options that are hygienically processed in human-grade facilities. Just don’t give them too frequently as they’re super protein-rich!

Like the dental chews, always supervise your dog when giving them treats such as these and remove them when they become too small to chew safely.

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