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Why Is My Dog Digging Holes All of a Sudden? 9 Possible Reasons

‘Why is my dog digging holes all of a sudden?!’ - If your otherwise perfect pupper has suddenly started digging holes, find out why here!
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Some dogs are notorious diggers, while others could care less. If your dog falls into the latter category but has suddenly taken an interest in this problematic pastime, you’re probably wondering, ‘Why Is My Dog Digging Holes All of a Sudden?!’

Check Out 9 Possible Reasons About Dog Digging Holes:-

  • 1. Routine Change

Extended periods of alone time due to a routine change may cause your dog to dig out of boredom or separation distress.

  • 2. Stress and Anxiety

Destructive and escape behaviors (like digging) can also be a sign of stress and anxiety in dogs.

  • 3. A lack of physical and mental stimulation

Unstimulating environments, a lack of physical exercise and a lack mentally stimulating toys, chews and games can also lead to destructive behaviors like digging.
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  • 4. Season/temperature change

Dog’s often dig holes to protect themselves from the elements, either to cool down or for shelter.

  • 5. Increased animal or pest activity in your yard or neighborhood

If your dog is digging holes suddenly, it might be due to pests or rodents in your yard. This is especially true for dogs with a high prey drive. Alternatively, your dog may be eager to investigate a new pet/animal that has moved into the neighborhood.

  • 6. New family additions

New family additions like babies or pets may also trigger your dog to dig as a form of attention seeking behavior.

  • 7. To mate

Dogs can smell a female dog in heat up to 3 miles away, and intact males will stop at nothing to get to them – this includes digging under your fence!

  • 8. Injury/illness and/or nutritional deficiency

Some dogs will dig a den for protection and safety when they are sick or injured, while some health conditions can cause behaviors such as Pica (a compulsion to eat things that aren’t food), which may cause your dog to dig. Nutritional deficiencies may also cause your dog to seek food in this way.

  • 9. Pregnancy

Finally, pregnant females may also dig as part of their nesting/denning instinct.


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