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5 Low-Energy Large Dog Breeds to Consider

Are you looking for low-energy large dog breeds to suit your low-energy lifestyle? Check out 5 low-energy large dog breeds.

Low-energy dog breeds are a great option for busy families and people that can’t exercise their dog for multiple hours each day - they also make for great couch buddies! If you’re looking for a low-energy large dog breed to match your low-energy lifestyle.

Following 5 Low-Energy Large Dog Breeds Are Worth Considering: 


1. Saint Bernard

Saint Bernard

Despite being a large and powerful working breed, according to the AKC, Saint Bernards
only require a moderate amount of exercise each day, with one long walk or half-hour play
session each day being sufficient enough to keep them happy and healthy.


2. Bullmastiff


Calm and quiet as adults, Bullmastiffs are a brave, loyal, and affectionate breed that require
only moderate daily exercise. According to the AKC, Bullmastiffs love outdoor play sessions
and make great walking companions (they aren’t huge fans of running though!).


3. Bernese Mountain Dog

Bernese Mountain Dog

Good-natured, calm, and affectionate, the Bernese Mountain Dog was originally bred as a
farm dog and livestock guardian. Today they enjoy spending time with their human families
indoors, and only require about 30 minutes of daily moderate exercise.


4. Great Dane

Great Dane

According to Great Dane Care, adult Danes spend an average of 16-18 hours per day
sleeping! As such, a casual walk or play session each day is usually enough to meet their
daily exercise needs, many also enjoy participating in events such as agility and obedience.


5. Newfoundland


Large and powerful, yet sweet-tempered and devoted, the Newfoundland makes for the
perfect low-energy large family dog and has even earned a reputation as a patient and
watchful ‘nanny dog’ for kids. According to the AKC, Newfies require at least half an hour
of moderate exercise each day. 

The importance of canine enrichment for mental well-being

In addition to their daily physical exercise needs, it’s also important to provide your low-
energy large dog with plenty of opportunities for mental exercise and enrichment too. Not
only does this help to keep them entertained, but it also keeps them mentally fit. Some great
canine enrichment examples include, interactive dog toys, and brain games, puzzle feeders,
long-lasting dog chews, and more!

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