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4 Fun Indoor Games to Play with Your Puppy

Are you looking for fun and easy ways to keep your puppy entertained inside? Check out 4 fun games to play with your puppy inside!
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Keeping a puppy entertained while you’re stuck inside can be challenging, especially if you’re a new puppy parent! However, with a little prior planning and creativity it can actually be pretty fun, and a great opportunity to teach your puppy some valuable new life skills!

 Check Below 4 Fun Indoor Games for Puppies:
 Indoor Games with your pup

1. Hide and Seek

Playing hide and seek with your pup is a great way to help build their confidence and develop their problem-solving skills, it also teaches independence and is great for bond building.
Simply teach your pup to stay and wait while you go hide (or have someone distract them if they’re still learning how to “stay”), then call out to them when you’re ready to be found. Dogs seem to get a real kick out of it and love the challenge!
For times when you need a break from hiding, hide and seek dog toys are a great alternative – check out our Trash N’ Seek and Peek N’ Seek puzzle plush toys for some fun hide and seek dog toy action! 


2. Tug of War

A gentle game of indoor tug of war is another fun game to play with your puppy inside, it’s also a great opportunity to teach your puppy about impulse control and appropriate interactive play. Not only that, it’s also a safe outlet for your puppy’s teething and mouthing instincts.
For some seriously fun yet seriously tough tug dog toys, check out our Tugtopus Squeaky Plush and Power Duo Fetch-Tug Pack


3. Fetch

If you have some open space inside your home or even a long hallway, a fun game of indoor fetch is another great way to burn some puppy energy. The rubber bouncy ball in our PowerDuo Fetch-Tug Pack is also suitable for teething puppies and is bound to keep them busy for hours! 


4. Scavenger Hunt (with treats!)

Finally, if you have a food motivated pup on your hands, a scavenger hunt with some of their favorite treats is another fun option. Not only do nose-work games such as these encourage your dog’s natural foraging instincts they’re also mentally rewarding too!


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